Giuliani: ‘Possible’ the Obama Administration Might Be One of the More Corrupt Administrations

Friday, during an appearance on the Fox News Channel, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, now serving as an attorney for President Donald Trump, defended his efforts to track down alleged wrongdoing by former Vice President Joe Biden regarding Biden’s son Hunter Biden, U.S. policy and Ukraine.

Giuliani told FNC host Martha MacCallum his investigation was tied to Trump’s defense regarding allegations of Russian collusion from the 2016 presidential election.

However, he added that his efforts showed signs pointing to numerous examples of corruption within the previous administration led by President Barack Obama.

Partial transcript as follows:

GIULIANI: So I — I convicted the commissioner of the mafia, 1,000 mafia members, Ivan Boesky — 200 crooked politicians Democrats and Republicans — would you give me credit for having a nose for corruption and crime?

MACCALLUM: I absolutely give you credit for having a nose for corruption and crime —

GIULIANI: I can smell it — I can smell it.

Here’s what I smell, China is a bigger sellout than Ukraine — I can’t prove it. And the Democratic Party is scared out of their minds because this pay-for-play scheme doesn’t just involve Biden.

The big question that has to be asked is in 2015 when “The New York Times” first exposed the enormous conflict that Biden had in Ukraine and criticized him, how could you have your son taking money from a corrupt oligarch —


MACCALLUM: Yes, he was asked about it many times.

GIULIANI: Why didn’t Obama stop it? Any honest president would have stopped it.

MACCALLUM: You know what, there’s — there are indications that they were concerned in the Obama White House about it, that they talked to him about it several times —

GIULIANI: But why didn’t they stop it?

MACCALLUM: And that they didn’t want to — that they didn’t want to step in. Maybe they wish they had —

GIULIANI: Why? Because they have no sense of ethics.


MACCALLUM: But let me ask you something —

GIULIANI: Is this very similar to Hillary, and the Clinton Foundation?

MACCALLUM: Let me just stay with this for one moment —

GIULIANI: Is it similar to Hillary and Clinton Foundation?

MACCALLUM: Is the — absolutely, there are parallels. Absolutely.

GIULIANI: Are we starting to see a pattern now?

MACCALLUM: Perhaps. I’m not going to read anything into —

GIULIANI: Is it possible — is it possible if we break this open we’re going to find out the Obama administration might be one of the more corrupt administrations in a very long — is it possible?

MACCALLUM: We’ll see. I mean, we’re going to follow — we’re following already.

GIULIANI: And is it possible that Democrats — is it possible that Democrats would cover that up?

MACCALLUM: Does it bother you —

GIULIANI: And fight for their lives, and have Schiff going out violating laws in order to frame the president of the United States.

And make no mistake about it, the president of the United States is extremely serious, and there are lawyers working on it right now about suing those guys directly, individually —

MACCALLUM: You said that, yes.

GIULIANI: Not a joke, not a threat. It’s a difficult legal endeavor, and we’ve got lawyers working on it as we speak. And thank you, Schiff, because you keep lying every day.

He knew about the whistleblower —

MACCALLUM: We reported that —

GIULIANI: And he lied about it?

MACCALLUM: We reported that. Let me ask you this —

GIULIANI: For four weeks.

MACCALLUM: I guess a lot of people look at the situation, from the State Department —

GIULIANI: Schiff —

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