Sharpton: African-American Voters ‘Will Switch’ If Warren Upsets Biden in Iowa, Close in New Hampshire

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network host and regular Al Sharpton predicted if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was able to pull off an upset over former Vice President Joe Biden in the Iowa caucuses, or if she was to make it close in the New Hampshire primary, African-American voters would switch their allegiance from Biden to Warren given she would appear to give Democrats the best shot at defeating President Donald Trump in 2020.
Sharpton said Biden gets much of his support from African-Americans because he was former President Barack Obama’s vice president.

“A lot of Biden support in South Carolina is African-American voters,” Sharpton said. “A lot of that is based on he was Barack Obama’s vice president. If there is an upset in Iowa, even a close vote and New Hampshire, and it appears that Elizabeth Warren is the one that can beat Donald Trump, a lot of that vote will switch because a lot of the end of the pro-Biden vote or the pro-any-of-the-Democrats votes are based on anti-Trump, particular when a lot them would vote for anyone against Trump.”

“The question is can we come up with somebody that can be Trump rather than just anybody,” he continued. “An anti-Trump vote is one thing. An anti-vote because I like this person is another thing. But let’s not forget Elizabeth Warren wasn’t even in the discussion a few months ago. So she has come from someone everyone was laughing at and the Pocahontas thing to where everybody is discussion, ‘Can she beat Trump?’ That’s a long way from where she started. I would not count her out.”

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