Levin: Pelosi and Her ‘Politburo’ in House ‘Running Roughshod’ Over Trump’s Impeachment

During his Sunday Fox News Channel show, “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin took aim at the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

The “Unfreedom of the Press” author called the group leading the inquiry a “politburo” that he said is acting “running roughshod” over President Donald Trump, adding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is acting “rogue.”

“This is the first time in American history that we have a rogue speaker of the House and a small majority Democrat Party in the House of Representatives that’s trying to drag our country in a different direction,” Levin said, pointing to the Mueller report as one of the failed attempts to get Trump impeached.

He added, “This is the same House of Representatives now that is bringing up Ukraine — all of a sudden Ukraine. We go from Russia to Ukraine. How did that happen? The Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, and six committee chairmen, I call them her politburo, are running roughshod or trying to, over the president of the United States, the executive branch, and so forth, issuing letters that they call subpoenas, and if the letters aren’t replied to in a certain given of time, they’re claiming that it is obstruction of justice. Of course, it can’t be obstruction of justice — they’re not at court. They mean obstruction of the House.”

Levin went on to argue the Democrats “don’t have anything” on Trump when it comes to Russia or Ukraine and questioned why House Democrats are treating Trump differently than presidents previously in impeachment inquiries.

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