Al Sharpton: Donald Trump Is ‘More Punk Than Fighter’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” MSNBC weekend host Al Sharpton said after Ambassador William Taylor testified in the House impeachment inquiry, it was no longer a question of if President Donald Trump will be impeached.

Sharpton believes if Republicans turn on the president, he will cut a deal because Sharpton said, “He is more punk than fighter.”

Sharpton said, “The question now is not whether he will be impeached, I think clearly Congress has to impeach him. The question is whether enough Republican senators that are facing reelection are going to go down with him or whether they are going to stand up. Because this us no longer about whether you like Donald Trump or not, this is about do you respect the letter of the law or whether you are going to disassemble the United States government’s justice system for one man because you like him. Even rock stars have to face time or go to jail. People that are enamored by this cult figure Donald Trump need to really look at the fact that the question is, are we going to let somebody just abuse power and use foreign governments to go after their political opponents. The issue is not his charisma. The issue is the integrity of the country.”

He continued, “I think if the walls keep closing in the way they are, he may quit. With all of that bravado and all of that loud talking that he is doing, I do not think this man wants to risk going to jail if he can cut a deal at the end. I don’t think he is there yet, but I think if he is convinced there is no way out he would cut a deal to get a pardon for him, maybe his daughter and go. The question would be if he is prosecuted by the Manhattan state authorities because he can’t be pardoned from that.”

He added, “Like any other loud billy in the schoolyard if a real fight comes down, he is more punk than fighter.”

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