Kristol: GOP Senators Saying in Private They Could ‘Convict’ Trump

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” political commentator Bill Kristol said Republicans Senators were not ruling out voting to “convict” President Donald Trump during and impeachment trial.

Kristol said, “The White House is panicking that is what is happening. That is why Trump is lashing out at everyone in truly as the senator says, it is unhinged ways. That’s why Lindsey Graham is floating this ridiculous resolution telling the House how to do it’s business and giving Republican senators something they can kinda be for.”

He continued, “Even the reasonable Republicans who might defect don’t want to defend Trump on substance. And his true loyalists don’t really want to defend him on substance. That is why they’re storming the hearing room and stuff which has it’s own terrible effects in terms of our democracy and how much of a banana republic we look like we’re becoming.”

He added, “The White House, Trump, and Trump supporters are in a pretty serious panic, I gotta say. And when you talk privately to Republicans on the Hill, Republican senators they will sign on to Lindsey Graham’s resolution, it takes them off of the hook for awhile, and they are criticizing the Democrats but a lot of them are privately saying we need to see the facts, but we’re not saying right now it is inconceivable we would vote to convict Donald Trump.”

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