Scarborough Blames Trump for GOP Losing Out in Kentucky

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough went off on President Donald Trump, blaming him for the Democrats winning the Kentucky gubernatorial race as Democrat Andy Beshear defeated Republican incumbent Matt Bevin.

Scarborough said Tuesday was “devastating” for Trump’s presidency and he went on a heated monologue slamming Trump for causing Bevin to lose after hosting a rally in Kentucky.

“Before Donald Trump went to Kentucky on that last night and had those stupid shirts that had ‘Read the transcript’ printed up … his party lost the biggest landslide vote loss in the history of the United States Republican 2018 for following him blindly,” Scarborough outlined. “And then, Bevin, get this, ‘Oh, he’s so unpopular.’ Bevin was ahead by five percentage points in the polls before Donald Trump came to the state. Donald Trump caused him five and a half, six percentage points by that one rally!”

“Donald, Bevin was ahead, son. He was ahead by five points before you went to Kentucky. … My friend, you lost the state for Republicans!” he later exclaimed. “Donald, he was ahead by five points and then you went there and he lost because of you. God. Dang, that’s hard. Can you believe that?”

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