Dan Rather: Trump’s Support Is a ‘Cult’ and ‘Cults Generally Don’t End Well’

On Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” former CBS News anchor Dan Rather called President Donald Trump’s following a “cult,” adding it was “all about him, it’s not about a policy.”

When asked if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is part of the Trump cult, Rather said, “Yes. The short answer is yes. Increasingly President Trump’s support seems cultish. It’s all about him, it’s not about a policy, it’s not the standards of politics. Ronald Reagan had a very solid following but he stood for something in terms of policy. Franklin Roosevelt, same way. These cults, cults generally don’t  end well. People will say it’s too much to say it’s a cult. I don’t think so. The further we go, it is always all about him. It’s not about a policy.”

He added, “And, by the way, on the issue at hand, the impeachment thing, this gets down to question of did he or did he not try to bribe a foreign government? Did he or did he not try to intimidate witnesses? When I say history is closing in on him, I think increasingly, people who pay attention, even people who really like him and people who perhaps have called it a cult, will say, yeah, it does look like he tried to bribe this foreign government, it does look like he’s trying to intimidate witnesses. Whether or not that’s enough to have a real trial in the Senate or not, I have my doubts.”

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