GOP Sen. Wicker on Impeachment: ‘Democrats Had a Bad Week Last Week’

On Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) said after the House Intelligence Committee public impeachment inquiry hearings that the Democrats had “a bad week last week.”

Partial transcript as follows:

WICKER: Let me say this, Chuck, I just have to start, I totally disagree with your lead-in to this whole show today.


WICKER: I think the Washington punditry is somewhat in a bubble on this. I think the Democrats had a bad week —

TODD: Why is that?

WICKER: Well, okay, for one thing, the polls are turning in the president’s favor. You’ve got the Marquette Poll in Wisconsin, which is the gold standard of Wisconsin polls. Then you’ve got the Emerson Poll, which is a nationwide poll, which actually shows Trump’s favorability going up. And I just think the people out there don’t think this investigation is fair. They know that only Democrat witnesses were allowed to be called. None of the witnesses —

TODD: That’s not true. They made requests. Some of them were indeed called. There were some witnesses that Republicans requested that were called.

WICKER: And as a matter of fact, here’s what happened. There were three witnesses that Democrats asked for and Republicans asked for. Those three witnesses —

TODD: Fair enough.

WICKER: — got called. None of the witnesses that were exclusively called by the Republicans were asked. And you know, you asked the question about the whistleblower. And so, Chairman Schiff has decided that it wouldn’t be beneficial to his case. Well, it might be beneficial if some of the Republicans were allowed to cross-examine this person.

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