Swalwell: Impeachment Will Include ‘Pattern of Conduct’ Including Trump’s Behavior with Russia

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” House Judiciary Committee member Eric Swalwell (D-CA) stated that any articles of impeachment “will include the pattern of conduct” that President Trump has asked foreign governments to help him in elections and obstructed investigations, which he did “with the Russian involvement in the last election.”

Host Wolf Blitzer asked, “During the course of today, there was strictly almost completely focus on Ukraine, nothing really coming up during nine and a half hours of testimony involving the Mueller report. Do you think the articles of impeachment will strictly focus in on Ukraine?”

Swalwell responded, “I can promise you that if there are articles it will include the pattern of conduct that a leopard doesn’t change its spots, and this president in the past has asked foreign governments to help him cheat for his benefit, and obstructed investigations into his conduct. He did that with the Russian involvement in the last election. He’s done that with Ukraine, and that certainly will be shown to the American people.”

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