Graham: ‘Don’t Need to Hear from’ Bidens, ‘Can Deal with That Outside of Impeachment’

During an interview with CNN on Saturday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated that he wants an impeachment trial in the Senate to end as soon as possible, he doesn’t need to hear from the Bidens, and the Bidens can be dealt with “outside of impeachment.”

Graham said, “I think impeachment is going to end quickly in the Senate. I would prefer it to end as quickly as possible, use the record that was assembled in the House to pass impeachment articles as your trial record. I don’t want to call anybody. I don’t need to hear from Hunter Biden. I don’t need to hear from Joe Biden. We can deal with that outside of impeachment. I don’t want to talk to Pompeo. I don’t want to talk to Pence.”

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