MSNBC Guest: Evangelicals Are ‘Giving Their Full Loyalty’ to Trump, Not God

Monday on MSNBC, Business Insider columnist Linette Lopez accused evangelical Christians of being loyal to President Donald Trump over God.

Lopez made the comments pertaining to Christianity Today Mark Galli’s editorial calling for Trump’s removal from office.

Lopez said, “Evangelical political activity has not always been in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ. And, you know, so it’s quite possible that this is an awakening because there are Christians who see the full loyalty of Evangelical Christians. They’re giving their full loyalty to the president and not to God. They’re not questioning Trump. The essay said, you know, this essay is for an audience of one — for God. And a lot of Trump supporters, they’re performing for Trump. They say whatever Trump wants to say. Trump has their full loyalty.”

She continued, “Now, the history of Evangelical Christians, for a long time in the 20th century, they kind of jumped out of politics. And a lot of people think they came back into it because of Roe v. Wade, but the reality is that 1970, a ruling that took tax exemption away from segregated private Christian schools, that’s what kind of started the rumblings of the return to politics for the Evangelical Christian movement. So that’s racist. That’s not in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Again, Trump not in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

She added, “It seems like Evangelicals who support Trump want to punish their enemies. They’re thinking about an Old Testament God, a God who uplifts them, and it isn’t necessarily a very Christ-like feeling.”

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