Alfredo Ortiz: Despite Dems ‘Fear Mongering,’ U.S. Holiday Sales Hit Record High

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “American Newsroom,” Job Creators Network president Alfredo Ortiz weighed in on U.S. holiday sales records.

Shoppers spent more online during this holiday season, hitting a record high by rising 3.4%.

Ortiz said. “Today is actually the third busiest shopping day. So we’ll see what the final numbers are when they come in.”

He continued, “The numbers since Thanksgiving have been unbelievable. Despite all the fear-mongering that happened early on in the year from the Democrats frankly about really talking the economy into recession, consumers knew better. They saw the now hiring signs and knew jobs were up and paychecks up because of wage growth and tax cuts. They were feeling great.”

He added, “Average disposable income for the average household up $6,000 and the doubling of the child tax credit, the elimination of the 15% rate. Those two things combined alone are huge booms for the consumer. That’s why I do believe — remember, 70% of this economy is consumer-driven and why the fear-mongering the Democrats were trying to do to throttle back the economy, which is really unpatriotic from my perspective failed on them.”

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