Dem Sen. Cardin: Trump’s Incoherent Foreign Policy Is Isolating America

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Right Now,” Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) called President Donald Trump’s foreign policy incoherent.

Cardin said, “I have concerns as to how the president — what the president’s policy is in regard to Iraq and Syria?  Clearly, Iran is a dangerous actor. They do things that are extremely against, very much against our national security interests. We know that. They’re acting in a way that destabilizes that region of the world. Our problem is, what is the presidents, what is U.S. policy?”

He added, “We saw inconsistencies in Syria when the president allowed the Turks to enter that area, going against our Kurdish ground fighters. We saw the United States pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement, which isolated America with our allies in dealing with the non-nuclear volitions of Iran, including their interference with Iraq and Syria. What is the coherent policy of this country? We hear one time we want to withdraw the troops. We hear another time they’re doing military operations without the approval of the Iraqi government. I just don’t understand what our strategy is. I think the president made a major mistake when he pulled out of the nuclear agreement when Iran was in compliance with the nuclear agreement.”

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