Booker: Trump Is a ‘Very Small Man’ — Every Day He Is Commander-in-Chief Is a Crisis

On Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Up,” 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said President Donald Trump is a “very small man,” who is creating a foreign policy crisis in Iran.

Booker said, “We have seen a drift of war powers since 2001’s authorization on use of military force. And this isn’t a right or left issue. Republican, President, Bush, Democrat President Obama, you’ve seen the expansion of war presidents now, which is undermining our constitutional checks and balances. The difference now the war powers lie in the hands of someone who has shown he has no impulse control. He can’t even control himself with a reporter’s question or a freshman congressperson. He has been doing decisions that counteract his advice of his generals.”

He continued, “This is a crisis. Every day that he is commander-in-chief –this is a crisis for our country that we have someone in there that at a time we need big people who have restraint who are strategic in their thinking, we have a very small man who has impulse control. That makes decisions without strategy that put our men and women in this country in greater and greater risk.”

He added, “It is dangerous now to allow the president of the United States to grow in war powers undermining the checks and balances because you may have a sober, deliberative president like President Obama but the next one can an impulsive, capricious, un-strategic thinker like President Trump.”

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