Jim Jordan: Senate Impeachment Trial to End Soon, American People ‘Don’t Seem to Be Tuning In’

During a Friday interview with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sounded off on the Senate impeachment trial.

Jordan predicted the impeachment trial, which he noted nobody is tuning into, will end in the next week so Congress can get back to working for the American people.

“[T]hese facts are so strong for the president, I feel real confident that hopefully next week we’ll get this decision and get this thing over with — and get on to the business of the American people,” outlined Jordan.

Co-host Ed Henry asked, “So you think, bottom line, that this trial could be over with this time next week?”

“I do, I do,” Jordan replied. “Again, when you have them talking for this long and not seeming to move anyone — the American people don’t seem to be tuning into this as much as we might have anticipated. I think, again, it looks good for the president because these core arguments are all strong for him.”

He continued, “Those facts — the idea that we have the transcript, that President Zelensky and President Trump have repeatedly said there was no pressure, no pushage, no linkage of an investigation to the release of the dollars. The Ukrainians didn’t know aid was even held at the time of the call. And most importantly, they took no action to get the aid released.”

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