Stephanopoulos: John Bolton’s Draft Manuscript a ‘Seismic Shock’

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said Monday during his network’s coverage of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump that the reported revelations in former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book were a “seismic shock.”

Stephanopoulos said, “Good afternoon, and welcome to our special coverage of the impeachment trial of President Trump. A trial that seemed to be on a steady and speedy path to certain acquittal has been hit by a seismic shock. The New York Times is reporting overnight that a draft manuscript submitted to the White House by former national security adviser John Bolton, a memoir The Room Where it Happened claims that President Trump told Bolton back in August he was conditioning aid to Ukraine on investigations into Joe Biden and other Democrats. Directly contradicting assertions by President Trump and his legal team. The story blindsided the White House and hit Capitol Hill like a thunderbolt.”

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