Scarborough: Impeachment Will End with Donald Trump Completely Owning the Republican Party

Friday on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough lamented the pending outcome of the impeachment trial. However, he cautioned Republicans that the “truth will be known.”

That according to the “Morning Joe” co-host will make the GOP “look worse.”

“Now listen, I’m fine with it because the Republicans have shamed themselves already,” Scarborough said. “They’re going to vote to acquit. This information is going to come out anyway, in a far less controlled manner. So the truth will be known. It will be shouted from the mountaintops. It’ll just make the Republicans look worse.”

Scarborough went on to say the trial sends with Trump owning his party and its U.S. Senators.

“This trial will end as it began, with Donald Trump completely owning the Republican Party and the character of just about every Republican senator,” he added.

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