Schumer: ‘Vast Majority’ of Senate Republicans Believe Trump ‘Did Just What the House Managers Allege’

During a press conference on Friday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that he thinks “the vast majority” of Senate Republicans “believe the president did just what the House managers allege.”

Schumer said, “Sen. Alexander (R-TN), a senior Senate Republican, a retiring member, said out loud what I think most Senate Republicans believe in private, that yes, the president did withhold military assistance to try to get Ukraine to help him in his elections, and yes, the president did interfere with Congressional investigations of that misconduct. He said, yes, the president conditioned foreign aid and a White House meeting with an ally at war on the performance of bogus investigations that would help his re-election. Alexander rejected 90% of the argument from the president’s counsel that the president did nothing wrong. He acknowledged that the president did something that the founders feared most, the potential corruption of our national elections by a foreign power, solicited by none other than our own president. And to hide that gross misconduct, the White House exhausted every legal trick in the book to prevent Congress from investigating.”

He later added, “I believe the vast majority of my Republican colleagues, even though they’re fearful of President Trump, believe president — believe the president did just what the House managers allege.”

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