Cotton: Impeachment for Schumer Not About Getting Trump Out of the WH — About Getting Susan Collins Out of the Senate

Saturday on Fox News Channel, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) explained what he saw as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) real objective in pursuing the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

According to the Arkansas Republican, it was about eliminating Republican U.S.Senators up in 2020.

“From the very beginning, this trial for Chuck Schumer has not been about getting Donald Trump out of the White House,” Cotton said. “It’s been about getting Susan Collins out of the Senate. He’s not going to get Donald Trump out of the White House, and he’s not going to get Susan Collins out of the Senate, and he’s not going to win back the majority because the American people know the Democrats in Washington have wasted five months of their time rather than focusing on the people’s business.”

When asked by Jeanine Pirro to clarify why Collins, Cotton explained the goal was for Schumer to target vulnerable Republicans to win in 2020.

“Chuck Schumer said from the beginning – he said it in the newspaper just a couple of weeks ago – that this was a win-win situation for him,” he added. “Either President Trump is removed from office, or he thinks it is bad for Republican Senators who are in tough races like Susan Collins, or Cory Gardner, or Martha McSally. This is for Chuck about winning back the Senate majority – not about removing Donald Trump from the White House. He knew he never had the votes to do that.”

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