MSNBC’s Reid: Trump’s ‘Lackey’ GOP Senators Including McConnell Likely to Lose to Democrats in 2020

Host Joy Reid predicted on MSNBC on Sunday that the Republican senators up for reelection in 2020 who voted against witnesses in the impeachment of President Donald Trump were likely to lose to a Democrat.

Reid said, “If you look at the polling people have become more and more and more convinced Trump should be removed. There is now a majority to remove him. There is a majority saying he should not be president. That was an important outcome of impeachment.”

She continued, “I think also for people when they go to vote in the United States Senate race those are going to take on a lot more importance now because of the way these senators have behaved. Now when you are voting for or against Martha McSally or Joni Ernst here in the state of Iowa you are not just voting for whether you like her better than the Democratic opponent, you are voting for whether or not you want a senator who is a separate and equal branch of government and will defend that or who is just a lackey who is somebody who will submit to somebody who clearly wants to be the king.”

She added, “I think that people are going to think a lot more seriously about who they vote for, for United States Senate. By the way, you know Kentucky, don’t feel that confident Mitch McConnell because a Democrat just won statewide. A Democrat can win in any of these states. Anyone can win if you vote for them. Every Republican senator should look sharp that is up in November.”

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