Acting DHS Sec Chad Wolf: Agency Offered to Test Democrats’ Iowa Caucus App — ‘They Declined’

Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News Channel, acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf revealed the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency offered to test app used to tally votes for the Iowa Caucus.

According to reports, the app did not live up to expectations as the Iowa Democratic Party has been unable to provide the results of Iowa Caucus on time.

Wolf told FNC’s “Fox & Friends” the offer was declined and said his agency was unaware of “malicious cyberactivity” involving the Iowa caucuses’ processes.

Partial transcript as follows:

DOOCY: So, everybody’s been talking about this app.

WOLF: Yes.

DOOCY: It was going to change everything. As it turns out, behind the scenes, before they used it last night, DHS had offered to what the app?

WOLF: So, our cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency has offered to test that app from a hacking perspective. They declined. And so, we’re seeing a couple of issues with it. I would say right now, we don’t see any malicious cyberactivity going on.

DOOCY: Nobody hacked into it?

WOLF: No one hacked into it, so this is more of a stress or a load issue, as well as a reporting issue that we’re seeing in Iowa.

But what I would say is that given the amount of scrutiny that we have on election security these days, this is a concerning event and it really goes to the public confidence of our elections.

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