Buttigieg: I’d Tell Trump Supporters ‘the President Thinks That You Are a Sucker’

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” if he could speak with people who went to President Donald Trump’s rally in New Hampshire, he would tell them “the president thinks that you are a sucker.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski asked, “We had a Trump rally here in Manchester. People were lined up for hours standing in the cold last night for the Trump rally, hours, and hours to be there for many more hours and then couldn’t leave for many more hours. I think a lot of those people will vote for Donald Trump. They will show up the way that they did yesterday. If you could be in a room with five minutes for every single one of those people, and I believe it was 12,000 people who showed up, but if you could talk to them one-on-one, what would you say?”

Buttigieg said, “I’d say that the president thinks that you are a sucker. He thinks you’re not going to notice that the only economic promise he’s actually kept is cutting taxes on corporations and the wealthy.”

He added, “He thinks you’re not going to notice that manufacturing is in recession. He thinks you’re not going to notice that he put out a budget, yesterday, the same day he came here into New Hampshire, cutting education, cutting environmental protection, but not just that, he’s opened the door to cutting Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare, the very things he swore up and down to protect. So maybe in the past folks were going to give him a pass or this or that character flaw, but this is more than a question of overlooking certain deficiencies. The totality of this presidency is one that has divided the country and broken promise after promise to working people.”

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