Clift: ‘Not Sure’ Biden Can Count on Black Voters – ‘Very Dramatic’ if He Makes a Comeback

On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group,” the Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift stated that “it will be a very dramatic story” if 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden manages to mount a comeback in the Democratic primary, expressed skepticism over whether Biden can count on black voters, and stated that other candidates have taken Biden’s selling points.

Clift said that she “wouldn’t write Biden off just yet. But it will be a very dramatic story if he does make a comeback. He has staggered into Nevada and South Carolina.”

Clift later noted that the first two contests were in states that are almost completely white, and “The African American population has not yet spoken. Biden was counting on them. I’m not sure he can. But you’ve got Tom Steyer, also, spending a lot of money in South Carolina to try to be — the thing is, Biden started this out as the Democrat who, it was his race to lose. And boy, he’s been losing it. But everybody’s gone after him. Buttigieg took his healthcare plan. Amy Klobuchar says, I’m the one with empathy. That was Joe Biden’s. And now — and Steyer and Bloomberg have the money.”

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