Pirro: Left Needs Illegal Immigrant Votes for Power — ‘They’ve Lost the Vote of Law-Abiding Americans’

On Saturday, Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro castigated the left’s unwillingness to enforce the law when it comes to illegal immigration, despite such enforcement having overwhelming support from the American public.

Pirro argued the left needs the vote of illegal immigrants because it has lost the vote of “law-abiding Americans.”

“These political clowns don’t care that Americans overwhelmingly support enforcement of the law,” she said. “So why wouldn’t the left? It’s simple. Their goal is power. They get that power when illegals vote because they know they’ve lost the vote of law-abiding Americans – the ones that support the Constitution, the foundation of our laws.”

She went on to say some on the left do not even hide their position on the issue in some cases.

“The leftists, on the other hand, prefer to subjugate the laws of the land, even if it means sacrificing the rest of us at their altar of political correctness and identity politics,” Pirro continued. “They know that if they give illegals driver’s licenses, they can then use as a point of identification to register to vote. They get another voter. But you might not even need that. There are politicians interested in having illegals just go vote.”

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