Warren: ‘Have to Assume’ Bloomberg ‘Repeatedly Engaged in Harassment,’ Discrimination – He Should ‘Drop Out of the Race’

During CNN’s coverage of Wednesday’s NBC News Democratic presidential debate, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) stated that fellow 2020 Democrat former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg should drop out of the race if he wants Democrats to beat President Trump and stated that we “have to assume” he “repeatedly engaged in harassment, engaged in discrimination.”

Warren predicted that Bloomberg will spend “another $100 million in advertising across this country just to try to erase the memory of what happened on that debate stage.”

She later added, “I hope that Michael Bloomberg decides to live by what he says, he just wants to see the Democrats beat Donald Trump. So, that’s great. Mike Bloomberg, drop out of the race, keep putting your money in to help Democrats beat Donald Trump, and just take your ego out of this.”

Warren also stated, “Think about what he said on that stage. He said, oh, well, I never said anything. It was just a joke. That’s all I was ever accused of. If that’s the case, then why wouldn’t you let the women come forward and tell their side? Why wouldn’t you let them say, it was just a joke, can’t believe he gave me money for that? If he won’t let these women talk, then you have to assume this is a man who, not once, not twice, but repeatedly, repeatedly engaged in harassment, engaged in discrimination. And I’ve just got to tell you, I just don’t think women are going to put up with that anymore.”

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