Dem Rep. Maloney: ‘Paranoid, Small’ Trump Is a ‘Foolish Little Person’

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) Monday on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” called President Donald Trump a “foolish little person.”

While discussing Trump firing administration officials, Maloney said, “It’s not the thing you do if you care about getting people’s candid opinions, if you want to encourage a real debate, if you’re intellectually curious. It’s the kind of thing paranoid, small people do. It’s reminiscent of Richard Nixon. We have seen where this leads, and it’s nowhere good.”

He continued, “When you’re at war with the truth, you’re at war with a lot of different people who care about the truth. When you’re at war with science, you’re at war with your own weather people when the hurricane didn’t go where you didn’t say it went. When you’re at war with the facts and the evidence that your own administration has, you’re at war with people like Colonel Vindman, Ambassador Taylor, Marie Yovanovitch. What we have seen time and again, the enemy for the president is the truth. It’s the evidence and facts that don’t suit his preferred view of what the reality should be. That’s just a very dangerous quality in a president.”

After playing a clip of Trump discussing the author of “Anonymous,” Maloney said, “That is not the President of the United States, that is a little child. That is a foolish little person who is confused about what his job is. It is not to chase his tail looking under his mattress for a monster or trying to find everybody who might disagree with him. It’s not to play these games with the press that amount to nothing. It’s to focus on the real problems of the American people, and it’s to bring people together, to solve common problems. So I’m just continually disappointed in the president’s ability to become smaller every day.”

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