FNC’s Hilton on Coronavirus: ‘Something Missing’ in What We’re Being Told by Health Officials

Sunday on his Fox News Channel show “The Revolution,” Steve Hilton addressed the coronavirus pandemic and what Americans are being told by public health officials on television.

Hilton said people have heard from public health officials and question why they have heard there was little risk for young and healthy people dying from the coronavirus but yet schools and other large gatherings are being shut down.

“There’s a curious divergence between the real world and the people on TV and Twitter,” Hilton began. “On TV, you see facts and responsible reporting and important helpful advice, to be sure, but also, too often unhelpful overdramatizing.”

Hilton went on to point out there is a big question still not answered by the health officials — why are the people who are most likely to die from contracting the coronavirus not the ones being isolated from the public?

“I have a plea to Dr. Fauci and the others. You want all Americans to cooperate with your public health strategy. At the organizational level with the NBA and so on, that is happening,” Hilton stated. “But there are still millions of Americans who quite frankly don’t buy into what you’re saying, and simply repeating it won’t work.”

He continued, “You need to answer the big question many Americans are asking, and it is this: Instead of closing schools, colleges, sports and other large gatherings for the general population, why don’t we isolate the vulnerable population like California just announced? instead of draconian steps that will tank the economy for everyone, why don’t we focus our draconian action on those most at risk? Now, I’m sure there’s a good answer to that question, but we haven’t heard it yet from Dr. Fauci or any of them. And until we do, frankly you’re going to have millions of Americans not trusting what the officials say. And that is the last thing we need at a time of national emergency.”

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