GOP Sen. McSally on Proposed Coronavirus Stimulus: ‘We Want to Act Quickly’

During a Wednesday appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) sounded off on the White House’s proposed $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus package to help out families unable to work due to the pandemic.

McSally said senators’ hearts are “heavy” right now thinking about how families are affected by the coronavirus, adding Congress wants to “act quickly” to get cash into American workers’ hands.

“Our hearts all go out to the people who are struggling right now with coronavirus, their families, seniors and the vulnerable who are deeply concerned about their own health and the healthcare workers on the front lines,” McSally told Fox News. “So, everybody’s hearts are heavy.”

She added, “We want to act. We want to act quickly. And we want to make sure that we get resources, cash, directly to American workers, families. You know, those in Arizona, I met with just this weekend, like the single mom down the street with three kids who has a food truck. She’s literally out of business right now because everything’s canceled. And I saw her at the supermarket with an empty cart looking for what she could do to support her family. We need a check to her and everyone like her as quickly as possible and the small businesses who support the economy that are being hurt right now.”

McSally went on to emphasize the importance of ensuring people have the money to pay rent and buy food.

“The impact is significant and it’s our responsibility to ensure people have cash to pay their rent, to buy food so that we can protect seniors, the vulnerable and healthcare workers and flatten this curve so we can beat this virus and get on the other side of it and get back to a stronger America,” she stated.

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