Dick Morris: Coronavirus Outbreak Flips 2020 ‘Overwhelmingly in Trump’s Favor’ — Biden an ‘Afterthought’ Now

During Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on New York AM 970 radio, political commentator Dick Morris weighed in on the 2020 presidential election amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Morris said the virus “overwhelmingly” flips the race in President Donald Trump’s favor over former Vice President Joe Biden because people are not thinking about any of the other issues the country faces.

“This crisis completely changes the presidential race, overwhelmingly in Trump’s favor,” Morris told host John Catsimatidis before likening the outbreak to Hurricane Sandy, helping out former President Barack Obama’s reelection.

He continued, “Trump has had a great performance as president, but it’s now being overcome and enhanced by a very good performance in dealing with the virus. All Trump has to do now is be a good president. All he has to do is to do his job as president, ride out this epidemic, succeed in containing it, and he’s home free.”

Morris also suggested Trump has changed his style and is becoming “incredibly presidential.”

“There’s something else that’s happening that is even more important: His style is changing. He’s no longer the gladiator, the warrior going to war with the other party putting down his opponents. … He’s a consensus figure speaking with gravity and somberness about the crisis and giving Americans every day the news they need to know. He’s becoming … incredibly presidential. And as such, the dislikes that people have of him, I think, are melting away.”

The former Bill Clinton adviser went on to say Biden has become an “afterthought” in the race, adding he is “almost in the history books already.”

“The other thing that’s happening is that there is no more oxygen left in the room for Joe Biden,” Morris added. “He’s going to get the Democratic nomination, but so what? He can’t say anything. He can’t campaign. He can’t attack Trump. He can’t talk about [coronavirus]. There is nothing left for him to say.

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