Jones Slams McConnell for Pushing for Additional $250 Billion in Small Business Funding — ‘A Political Stunt’

Thursday on “MSNBC Live,” Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for pushing for an additional $250 billion in funding for small businesses, which are struggling amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Jones said McConnell is engaging in “a political stunt,” calling his move to swiftly pass the measure with unanimous consent “very disappointing.”

“This is a political stunt by Senator McConnell again, just like he did when we were discussing … in good faith discussions and negotiations about how to get COVID three done he did the same thing — put something on the floor of the Senate that he knew was not going to pass so he could have a political message,” Jones stated. “It’s really very disappointing because instead of just coming to the table, sitting down and saying what can we do, let’s figure out what we can do, he puts this thing on the floor, announces that he was talking to Senator Schumer when he wasn’t talking to Senator Schumer and the point is Democrats and Republicans alike believe and want to put more money into this SBA fund.”

“The Payroll Protection Plan had some serious issues with the rollout,” he continued. “We’re trying to work those out, we’re trying to see how much money is needed, where this needs to go. This is a matter of discussion. The American people don’t need to see dueling unanimous consent motions that are both going to fail on the Senate floor. What they want to see results and by putting this there Senator McConnell is just once again playing politics with the American people and it’s really sad.”

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