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Poll: Roy Moore Leads Republicans to Unseat Democrat Doug Jones

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore leads amongst potential Republican challengers to Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), according to a poll released Tuesday. Jones beat Moore in a contentious 2017 Senate special election.

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Dem Sen. Jones: Trump ‘Needs to Do More’ to Denounce Hate

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CBS’ “Late Show,” Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) stated that President Trump “needs to do more” to denounce hatred. Host Stephen Colbert said, “[M]any are saying that while the president himself does not condone violence, he doesn’t denounce


Dem Sen. Jones: I Have ‘Concern About a Medicare for All Plan’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) stated that he has “concern about a Medicare for all plan.” Jones began by saying that he thinks all of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates can appeal to the “radical

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Border Wall Vote Puts Vulnerable 2020 Democrat Senators in Spotlight

The dramatic vote in the Senate Friday afternoon on whether to proceed to a final vote on the House-passed continuing budget resolution that includes $5.7 billion of border wall funding placed an intense spotlight on three Democrat senators whose re-election prospects in 2020 are considered uncertain.

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Dem Sen. Jones: Trump Is Hurting Republicans with ‘Dog-whistle Politics’

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) accused President Donald Trump of hurting Republican candidates in the midterm election with his “dog-whistle politics.” Jones said, “I think the president is making Republicans have a difficult time this year. We’re

Doug Jones

Dem Sen Jones: We Need ‘Solutions’ on Obamacare, Not ‘Sabotage’

During Friday’s Democratic Weekly Address, Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) discussed health care and stated that while the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, “instead of sabotage, we need solutions.” Transcript (via Fed News) as Follows: “Hi, I’m Doug Jones, United States

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Sen. Jones: Kavanaugh’s Op-Ed Was ‘Disingenuous’ 

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL)  said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Wall Street Journal op-ed  apologizing for his emotional testimony was “disingenuous.” On Kavanaugh’s op-ed, Jones said, “It was certainly not persuasive. I think what was persuasive was his

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