NC Gov. Cooper: W.H. Guidelines ‘Positive’ – Trump ‘Doesn’t Want to Believe That Testing Is a Problem’

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) praised the White House’s reopening guidelines and stated that he has had help from and “good communication” with the federal government, but also said that his state does need additional help on testing and equipment, and that President Trump “doesn’t want to believe that testing is a problem.”

Cooper said, “[T]he plan today gave us some guidelines, and that’s positive, but it says, essentially, governor, it’s your responsibility. Well, we already knew that. We took action very early to try to thwart this virus and to slow the spread in our respective states, and we’ve been successful at that. In fact, here in North Carolina, I have already talked about a plan of trying to reopen our economy in a smart way.”

He added that the state needs help from the federal government on testing capacity, supplies, and equipment. He further stated that while “we’ve appreciated the help that we’ve gotten from the federal government. We’ve had a good communication with the White House and the task force,” he thinks President Trump “doesn’t want to believe that testing is a problem. And it is a problem, particularly, if we want to get the country going again.”

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