Klobuchar: We’re Not Going to Lead the World Again with Trump as President

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said America would not lead the world as long as Donald Trump is president.

Klobuchar said, “I just keep focusing on this lack of leadership in the president, because of the fact that when you look back in history — and you’re a student of history. Out of the Great Depression, because of the leadership of Roosevelt, we got Social Security and a safety net and long-term changes. Out of the embarrassment of Russia and Sputnik, what happened when John F. Kennedy was president, he got America to rally, and to get the education we needed to put a man on the moon.”

She added, “Well, this is this moment. So, you need to put someone in the White House — you know I’ve supported Vice President Biden and am excited about his candidacy — you need to put someone in the White House that’s going to have that long-term vision and isn’t going to spend day after day dividing people. So I look at the short term, let’s get the money out there for state and local governments, and then let’s look at the long term of how we’re going to make a steady economy so we can once again lead in the world. And we’re not going to do it with this president.”

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