NBC’s Todd: Trump Moving Away from ‘Fighting the Coronavirus’ to ‘Cheerleading the Economy’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” anchor Chuck Todd accused President Donald Trump of “moving away from fighting the coronavirus” and pivoting to the economy.

Todd said, “President Trump is making it clear he’s moving away from fighting the coronavirus to cheerleading an economic recovery. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump announced he was winding down the White House task force. Then a day later, undid the undoing while continuing to urge the reopening of the country in defiance of even his own task force guidelines. He chose also not to wear a mask at a mask-making factory because the AP reported he believes it would send the message he’s more concerned with health than with the economy. Meanwhile, three top health officials have begun a partial or full quarantine after two people working in the White House became infecting indicating just how hard it is to keep the virus out of even the most testing and secure workplaces in this country. All this in a week where the confirmed cases in the United States passed 1.3 million, and the death toll is approaching 80,000 now.”

He continued, “It is not partisan to say the administration’s response to this coronavirus pandemic has been both confused and confusing, and it raises troubling questions. What’s the plan for testing and contact tracing? Or does the federal government think that’s just too hard to do without a breakthrough? What’s the plan for maintaining social distancing as states reopen? What’s the plan for making people feel confident about returning to work when even the White House can’t even keep the virus out? And what’s the plan for treating this pandemic as our greatest national crisis since the Second World War? In other words, what’s the plan?”

He added, “Facing a pandemic that shows no signs of containment The president is making it clear he is not willing to wait for a national decline in cases or deaths, instead of pushing states to reopen now.”

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