GOP Sen. Lankford: ‘Hard to Tell’ Obama Role in ‘Obamagate’ — ‘We Do Know’ Comey Discussed Ways to ‘Entrap the President’

Wednesday during an appearance Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) said while it is not clear as to whether or not former President Barack Obama was involved in the ongoing saga involving former National Security Security adviser Michael Flynn and other, dubbed “Obamagate” by President Donald Trump, there does appear to be knowledge of it from other within the former Obama administration.

Lankford mentioned former FBI Director James Comey and his effort to “entrap” Trump later in the timeline but said it was unclear as to whether it occurred under Obama or Trump.

“Hard to be able to tell at this point the role of the President,” he said. “We do know at this point that he was engaged in it. He was informed about it, and then what his instructions were to his team and what he was kind of giving a wink and a nod to Comey to be able to carry out is unknown at this point. We do know that Comey, in the earliest days of the Trump administration, was discussing some way to be able to entrap the President. And so that becomes a whole issue. Was that planned in early January and then carried out in late January and February? We don’t know.”

“That is going to be something we’re going to dig into, and Judiciary Committee will actually take the lead on that,” Lankford added.

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