Pirro: Authoritarian Governors, Local Officials ‘Looking to Flex Their Pathetic Muscles’ with Coronavirus Lockdowns

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro took aim at what she deemed “authoritarian governors” and other elected officials who are insisting a prolonged shutdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pirro recognized the Memorial Day holiday, calling it the quintessential American holiday, but noted the actions of some elected officials contradicted American ideals.

“[A]uthoritarian governors and local officials looking to flex their pathetic muscles to keep us on lockdown are another story,” she said. “New York City and L.A. Are still on lockdown. Democratic Mayor Garcetti says la will not fully open until there is a vaccine. And schools probably will not re-open until kids can get tested weekly. Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom in line with him. Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo never figured out seniors needed to be isolated and protected.”

“And he did nothing when complaints were made, and people begged that COVID-infected patients not be put into nursing homes and long-term care facilities where 5,800 seniors died,” she continued. “Curious, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida, with 2 million more people than New York, criticized by the left mercilessly for not doing enough early on, only lost 1,000 seniors, although one is too many. But he knew to protect and isolate the seniors.”

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