MSNBC’s Melvin to Biden: Given Minneapolis Turmoil, Shouldn’t You Choose Woman of Color as VP?

Friday on MSNBC, anchor Craig Melvin grilled presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on choosing a woman of color as his running mate in response to the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests.

Melvin said, “Mr. Vice President, with all due respect, I think there are probably a number of people who are watching and listening to what’s happening in Minneapolis and who would say, this should have some sort of bearing on who you pick as a number two.”

He continued, “In fact, just a few hours ago, Jim Clyburn, your friend arguably the man who breathed new life into your campaign. He said, quote, he was among those who felt it would be great if you chose a woman of color as your vice president. In light of what is happening in Minneapolis, in light of what is happening all over this country right now, if you don’t choose a woman of color as your number two, what message would that send to the African-American community?”

Biden shot back, “I’ve already said I’m going to pick a Supreme Court justice who is a woman of color. I’ve already said my cabinet will be full of people of women of color, men, and women of color. I also already said there are women of color under consideration. That is not the only criteria to determine who will be the vice president of the United States of America that I’ll choose as a running mate. It is just beginning the process. I guarantee you. There are more than one African-American woman being considered for vice president. I promise you that.”

Melvin asked, “How many?”

Biden said, “I’m not going to tell you. I guarantee you it’s more than one.”

Melvin said, “Senator Harris?”

Biden begged, “Don’t do this. I’m not getting into this. None of these women want to be put in the position where I acknowledge that they are under consideration, and then if they are the ones that don’t get picked, they wonder how that will impact them. I’ve been on the other end of this as someone being considered. It’s not all positive in terms of being considered because you’re qualified and you don’t get picked, why? I’m not going to get into that.”

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