CNN’s Cuomo: ‘I’m Not One of Those People Who’s Like Going Out of My Way to Drag Politics into a Situation’

During CNN’s coverage of the nationwide George Floyd protests on Sunday, network anchor Chris Cuomo touted his coverage a situation without dragging politics into his coverage.

Cuomo told viewers that he is “not one of those people” who goes out of his way “to drag politics into a situation,” and then seemingly proceeded to do so by hitting President Donald Trump for his leadership amid the protests.

“I just want you to know something: I’m not one of those people who’s like going out of my way to drag politics into a situation,” Cuomo emphasized. “This is about politics, OK? Politics is going to decide what the tone, the tenor, the laws, the policy, the culture of criminal justice, and administration of justice about in this country, and you need leadership. And I have to say the President of the United States tonight as I’m looking at his Twitter feed, OK — and that is his main mechanism — the idea of his leaving Twitter — he’s not leaving Twitter.”

Cuomo then read aloud some of Trump’s tweets from Sunday, some of which were critical of how the President is treated by who he deemed the “FAKE NEWS” and “Lamestream Media.” He questioned why Trump would be spending his energy on going after the free press.

“You know what our job is — to show you what’s going on, give you context when it counts, and help you understand the story so you can make your own decisions,” he added. “You elect people to lead, to do a job for you. What is that job in this situation right now? What does this country need right now? Now, whatever you think that is, you tell me how attacking the free press, which gives us an ability to see it because they’re not showing you the body cam footage, they’re not showing you the body camera footage in Minnesota.”

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