Protester Unleashes F-bomb Tirade Live on CNN — ‘No One Gives a F–k About Us … Unless We Get Violent’

Sunday, as the cameras were rolling and broadcasting live on CNN, a protester in Long Beach, CA delivered a profanity-laced tirade over the treatment of black people in the United States.

In response to the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of four now-fired Minneapolis Police officers, the protester, who CNN correspondent Kyung Lah noted was leading a sect of marching along the streets, seemingly defended violent protests, arguing that “no one gives a f–k” about them unless they “get violent.”

Lah asked the protester, “You’re still out here in violation of the curfew. Why are you still marching?”

“Because I matter,” the protester replied. “My family matter. My friends … matter. I got nephews. I got nieces. I got sisters. I got a momma. I got a daddy. I got friends. I got peers. I got all of these people standing right here. They f—–g matter. Their lives matter. Nobody gives a f–k about us. OK? Unless we get violent. Y’all care about the s–t getting burned down, but what about when the KKK burning our s–t down. Where are y’all then? Where were y’all complaining at then? Because they f—-d our whole nation up. They f—-d up generations and generations of kids.”

“We stand for the people who can’t speak for themselves,” she continued. “We stand for the ones who have been knocked down, the ones who can’t stand up no more because they don’t have a voice anymore. We stand for peace. We stand for equality. We stand for unity. We stand for love.”

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