Fmr NFL Player Burgess Owens: People Bashing Brees for Flag Comments Are ‘Bullies,’ ‘Cowards,’ ‘Marxists’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” former NFL player Burgess Owens slammed the people who criticized New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for sharing his opinion that NFL anthem protests are disrespectful to the American flag.

Brees has since apologized for his comments after catching flak from teammates, players around the NFL, and people in the media. However, Owens said anybody pushing back against Brees for supporting the nation’s flag is a bully, coward and a Marxist.

“[Brees] is a good man, and he gives back to his community,” Owens told host Tucker Carlson. “And I’ll say this: what you’re seeing here is exactly why President Trump will be reelected once again, as they were surprised last time. Americans don’t like bullies. They don’t like people who demand that we disrespect our flag and our country. I think what Drew did — he was spot on.”
Owens said he is “disappointed” the quarterback backed down after criticism from the “bullies” and “enemies to our nation.”

“I will call these people out for what they are: they’re bullies, they’re cowards and Marxists. Period,” he stated. “I’m one of those guys that will never, ever acquiesce and apologize for pride in my country, and I’ll say another thing: I will always say ‘All Lives Matter.’ I don’t care what the bullies say.”

Owens continued, “One thing for sure: we need to understand that we are under attack, and it is the evil of trying to destroy our middle class. If you understand that, you understand what this is all about.”

Owens went on to say, “[B]lack elitists are enemies to my race.”

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