Chris Christie: If Trump Doesn’t Change Course, ‘He Will Lose’ in November

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) argued President Donald Trump would lose in November if he did not change his current course.

Christie said, “He is losing, and if he doesn’t change course, both in terms of the substance of what he is discussing and the way that he approaches the American people, then he will lose.”

He continued, “No question while these national polls are less significant in terms of the raw numbers, the trend is obvious, the trend is moving towards Joe Biden when Joe Biden hasn’t said a word.  Joe Biden is hiding in the basement and not saying anything. No discredit to the vice president. If you’re winning without doing anything, why do anything? The president has to change course here, both in terms of the substance and answering that question much better than he did with Sean Hannity in terms of what he wants to do in a second term. and secondly, he needs to approach the American people in a different way than he’s been approaching them recently.”

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