Jordan: Presidential Election Comes Down to Who ‘Can Stand Up to the Mob’

Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) weighed in on this November’s presidential election and argued the match-up between incumbent President Donald Trump and presumptive nominee former Vice President Joe Biden could come down to who would be the best counter to the so-called “cancel culture” and the mob representing it.

“I mean, think about the Cancel Culture mob says that if you stand for the pledge now, you stand for the anthem, somehow you’re terrible,” Jordan said. “The Cancel Culture mob says if you take your boys fishing, and they don’t like the shirt you’re wearing, that you can be canceled.”

“I mean, this is — where does this end?” he continued. “The Cancel Culture left says, oh, we’re going to defund the police. No, no, we’re going to go further. We’re going to abolish the police as the Minneapolis City council did. Where does this end? And the fundamental question, I think, now for the American people is, who do you think can stand up to the mob? Joe Biden or President Trump? That is really what this election now in my mind all boils down to.”

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