Cancel Culture

LGBT Advocates Utterly Fail to Cancel Game Streamer Nickmercs for Saying ‘Leave Children Alone’

Popular video game streamer Nickmercs returned to streaming for the first time since his player bundle was removed from the Call of Duty store after he dared to suggest that LGBT content and Pride Month promotion be kept out of schools and away from children. Despite the efforts of LGBT advocates and leftists to cancel the streaming star, he returned to overwhelming support from his audience.

video game streamer Nickmercs

Rolling Stone Magazine: Cancel Culture ‘Good for Democracy’

Cancel culture is both “good for democracy” and a “way for a new generation of people to practice free speech,” according to a recent Rolling Stone piece celebrating the ostracization of those “guilty” of holding controversial positions, while assuring the practice is “here to stay.”

CHARLESTON, SC - JUNE 24: A worker uses a saw at the foot of the statue of John C. Calhoun

Virginia Lawyer Demands U. of Richmond Pay $3.6 Billion After Removing Ancestor’s Name from Law School

A Virginia lawyer is demanding the University of Richmond pay his family $3.6 billion after it removed his ancestor’s name from its law school because the benefactor had owned slaves. Lawyer Robert C. Smith wrote in a letter to the school, “It might be worthwhile for you to require every woke activist to take a course in finance to appreciate those for whom they want to cancel.”