Sessions Touts Past U.S. Senate Immigration Efforts — ‘I Did Defeat’ an Amnesty Bill

In the waning stages of the former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ race against former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Alabama, Sessions took to Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to make another push for his candidacy.

When asked by host Tucker Carlson why he was not “crushing” Tuberville, given his past achievements, Sessions took the opportunity to remind viewers about his successes thwarting so-called comprehensive immigration reform, which in some bases would have granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants during the George W. Bush presidency.

“Look, it is an important time for America,” Sessions replied. “We are losing this country. We need a voice in Washington. We want to someone who has principles and convictions, the courage to stand up for those convictions, and the ability to advocate those values that Alabama believe in, that I believe in and I’ve been raised with. And you’re right — my opponent just passed through the state. He hardly knows the state. I know it like the back of my hand. But more importantly, we have to have some warriors in the Congress. And we need some to push our Republicans. Too many of them are hiding out and not speaking out. I did defeat a billion-dollar program to pass this amnesty bill that was absurd. It would have given amnesty to millions without ending the illegality, and we fought that battle and won it.”

Sessions went on to criticize Tuberville, questioning his lack of a record and convictions about issues.

“Well, look, I have pouring in a lot of money from out of state and big PAC money ads that have impacted the race,” he said. “We’re on the TV now, and we’re aggressive, and we’re going to continue to the last day. My opponent is hiding out. He won’t debate. He won’t even talk to the press. And you know, if you won’t debate me or defend your values, then something is dangerous here. So that’s the message I’m trying to take to the people of Alabama. Tommy Tuberville, at age 65, Tucker, had never given any contribution to any candidate. He had never even said he was a Republican. We don’t know this man. He is an empty suit, a nubbin. Somebody that’s really not — he doesn’t have the convictions and the courage to represent us.”

“Alabama needs to send a very strong voice to Washington,” Sessions added. “We need to send somebody who can stand up and take the heat, who is not afraid, and I’ve done that. They don’t have anything on me. I’m not worried about him one bit, and that even includes my friends in the Republican conference, and we need to fight. This country is at risk. Law enforcement, as you just talked about, is one of the worst situations ever. It cannot be that we allow law enforcement to be denigrated the way it is today.”

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