FNC’s Wallace Rejects Trump’s Claim that Biden Wants to Defund the Police

Friday in a preview an interview that will air Sunday, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pushed back on President Donald Trump’s claim that Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden does not support defunding police departments.

He said, “We’ve seen deaths up in New York, deaths up in Chicago, shootings. How do you explain it, and what are you going to do about it?”

Trump said, “I explain it very simply by saying they’re Democrat-run cities, they are liberally run. They are stupidly run.”

Wallace said, “Liberal Democrats have been running cities in this country for decades.”

Trump said, “Poorly.”

Wallace said, “Why is it so bad right now?”

Trump answered, “They run them poorly, it was always bad, but now it’s gotten totally out of control, and it’s really because they want to defund the police and Biden wants to defund the police.”

Wallace interjected, “Sir, he does not.”

Trump shot back, “He signed a charter with Bernie Sanders.”

Wallace said, “It says nothing about defunding the police.”

President Trump: “Oh, really? It says abolish, it says. Let’s go, get me the charter, please.”

While discussing the clip with anchor, Bill Hemmer Wallace said, “That led to a very interesting exchange where he had his staff go out and get the highlights from that 100-page compact that the Biden team and the Sanders team had signed, and he went through it, and he found a lot of things that he objected to that Biden has agreed to, but he couldn’t find any indication — because there isn’t any — that Joe Biden has sought to defund and abolish the police.”

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