GOP Rep. Stefanik on Coronavirus: Gov. Cuomo ‘Shouldn’t Get a Pass and New Yorkers Aren’t Going to Give Him a Pass’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) voiced her disapproval of New York State’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said despite how Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being portrayed in the mainstream media, many across her state are aware of the governor’s alleged mishandling of coronavirus.

“[J]ust look at the numbers and the data and unfortunately, the just high numbers of lives lost in New York State compared to other states across the country,” Stefanik explained. “There was also significant infighting between the governor and the mayor of New York City in terms of how to manage the COVID crisis. So despite the mainstream media, voters in my district and voters that I talk to across New York State have real issues and concerns about how the governor did not manage this crisis effectively, especially when you compare the data and the numbers to other states across the country.”

“When it comes to the federal government, the president and Congress stepped up to provide support for New York State,” she continued. “Nine billion dollars has already been provided, we doubled the state’s testing capacity, and we’re still providing support to New York State. And we’re working to provide additional funds, as I said before, to COVID relief, but the governor is so dismissive and political — and again, points fingers to everyone else rather than accountability for an order he signed himself.”

Stefanik predicted Cuomo would not emerge from the crisis without notice from his constituents.

“[H]e shouldn’t get a pass, and New Yorkers aren’t going to give him a pass,” Stefanik added. “He should speak to the families who have lost loved ones to hear from them directly.”

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