MSNBC’s Reid: Harris VP Pick Ensures Maximum ‘African-American’ Turnout, Biden Now the ‘Anti-Trump’

Tuesday on MSNBC, while reacting to the announcement that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had selected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to be his running mate, anchor Joy Reid declared Biden affirmed black women, which will lead to record “African-American” turnout.

Reid said, “For Joe Biden to make this choice and to make it after all the backbiting that we heard that, oh, my God, she challenged him on race, he showed himself to be a big man, a big enough man to say that I want the person that challenges me. I want the person that forces me to be better. I want the person that questions me on matters of race because that’s why she’s there. I want the woman that people say is too ambitious, wants to be too powerful, has a future. I want that, to embrace that. I’m proud of Joe Biden. I have to say, as a man of his generation, to be the anti-Trump today. To be the anti-Trump and to affirm black women in this way, on this day, with the president that’s in there now. This could not be a better selection. He’s taken us back to the start. She was always the most logical choice. He did a lot of searching. He did a lot of research, and he came right back to where he really should have always been. I think this is a great day for this country.”

She added, “I’ll tell you, black women that I spoke with, after the conclusion of the primary, there was a sense of non-buyer’s remorse, specifically about Kamala Harris. I can’t tell you how many black women said to me. You know what, looking back on it, I wish I had gotten in formation for her. Looking at it, the fact that in the end, mainly black people said, let’s choose this white guy. This older white guy said, darn it, we missed an opportunity. And I think there are so many black women — the sororities, the organizations that all literally could have gotten in formation for her. I heard a lot of non-buyer’s remorse. Black women, in particular, that women, in general, are ready to get in formation for this woman.”

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