CNN’s Cooper Peddles Disproven Claim Trump Wanted to Inject People with Bleach

Wednesday, during CNN’s coverage of the third night of the Republican National Convention, network host Anderson Cooper attempted to wrap a panel segment by making a quip about the possibility of President Donald Trump and bleach.

The notion, which has been deemed “mostly false” by left-leaning PolitiFact, is based on comments made by Trump promoting the idea of studying the use of disinfectants in the human body to mitigate the threat from the COVID-19 virus.

The comments, according to the White House, were taken out of context, and Trump never actually mention “bleach” in his remarks.

Cooper’s remarks led to a back-and-forth with CNN contributor David Urban.

Partial transcript as follows:

COOPER: If it were up to the President, though, we would have more deaths by experimenting on people with bleach, so, you know, I’m not sure —


URBAN: No, boo, come on, Anderson. You know better. Boo.

COOPER: He didn’t want to inject bleach into people in medical experiments? He didn’t, David? Am I wrong?

URBAN: No, he didn’t want to inject bleach into people, no.

COOPER: Yes, he did. he said we should experiment on people with bleach, disinfectants inside their bodies, no? Am I the only one who heard that? Really? OK.


COOPER: All right.

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