GOP Rep. Brady: Pelosi, Dems ‘Ignored’ Small Businesses over ‘a Fake Post Office Crisis’

Wednesday on “MSNBC Live,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Democratic leadership for ignoring small business amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to Brady, small business and unemployed workers are “ignored” for Congress to focus on a “fake post office crisis” that Democrats have been pushing as they call for country-wide mail-in voting.

“Larry Kudlow and the president will tell you that our work’s not done,” Brady said of the economy. “We believe we need another round of PPP for our small businesses. We need more incentives to help the industries that aren’t going to recover quickly. They’re going to need help rehiring and keeping workers on the payroll as well. And I think we need redesign of unemployment so we can help reconnect workers. We just want to make sure that those who are temporarily unemployed aren’t permanently unemployed, and I think that’s the key message here.”

He added, “I talked to Larry Kudlow a great deal about what this economy needs to recover. And to answer to your question, I sure hope so. You know, I was really disappointed that our small businesses, our unemployed workers, were just ignored for Congress to rush back for a fake post office crisis that didn’t exist. Meanwhile, look, I will tell you, our small businesses are struggling. They need help in a major way, and they’re just being ignored.”

“Hold on,” host Stephanie Ruhle interrupted. “Excuse me, congressman, congressman, a fake. … Sir, a fake postal crisis?”

“Absolutely,” Brady replied.

“As far as the post office is working as they’ve made it clear, they can easily handle the mail-in balloting process,” he continued. “They have $14 billion in the bank, are solvent through next year. They are going through a bipartisan reorganization that, by the way, has some glitches and needs to be addressed. But, yeah, I find it offensive that our small businesses and unemployed workers … basically have been ignored by Speaker Pelosi while we go rushing back to Washington for the post office. I’ll just tell you, I think … we need real help now. And I would urge the speaker to sit down and Secretary Mnuchin, Leader McConnell, the president. Let’s find some common ground here.”

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