MSNBC’s Wallace: Trump’s Law and Order Rhetoric Attempt to ‘Bamboozle His Supporters’

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said President Donald Trump’s law and order campaign were an attempt to “bamboozle his supporters on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Deadline.”

Wallace said, “Let me read you something that Greg Sargent writes in today’s “Washington Post,” which is a pretty insightful analysis. ‘What Trump really represents is the promise of law and order without the rule of law. He stands for this in combination, as part of the same package, often quite deliberately so, but law and order without the rule of law is the wielding of power and violence, both state violence and private vigilante violence, unshackled from laws and rules-bound processes.’ When I read that, I remember that Donald Trump isn’t for the law at all.”

She continued, “He’s an unindicted co-conspirator in the Southern District of New York. He’s been pardoning campaign aides and allies. He’s undermined the rule of law inside the military by reaching deep inside their sacred process and pardoning people accused of war crimes. I mean, he’s not for law, and he is creating disorder. It’s really an effort to bamboozle his supporters. He’s the opposite of law and order. I Googled some of the ways that that phrase has been used in the past, and it’s never been used by such — by someone so associated with lawlessness. And part of what his base liked about him was that the rules didn’t apply to him. I don’t know that they’re— I mean, they bought that he’d built a wall, because I guess they thought he’d built casinos and didn’t know that many of them went bankrupt but I don’t think that they’re going to buy he’s done anything in the categories of law and order.”

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